Sly 4: The Thieves' Ability is the afterward of Sly 3.


Sly Cooper has returned to the Cooper Gang and now they learned that Clockwerk Parts, Pages to the Thievius Racoonus, and Murray's pie (Murray fell asleep once at a restaurant while eating a pie, and the Plot's villains stole.) have been stolen right under their Gang hands. Now, it's up to Sly, co, and new members to get their stuff back!


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Prolounge: Getting Da Goods London,France June 3-6, 2002
Episode 1: The Battle of Swimmers Unknown Island,Pacific Ocean June 15-18,2002
Episode 2: Mojo Down Under, Mate! Outback, Australia June 20-23, 2002
Episode 3: Guru Battle Christmas Island June 26-29, 2002
Episode 4: Smarts in the Smart Capital Seattle, Oregon July 4-7,2002
Episode 5: Time Vortex Ancient Roman City July 10-13,81
Episode 6: Japanese Tests Ancient Battle Site, China July 18-21,2002
Episode 7: Evil In Asia Tokyo, Japan July 25-28, 2002
Episode 8: Disaster Upon the World High Above Washington D.C. August 1-2, 2002