"After the arrest of Zergane, and the downtown duel with the Shogun, I figured the rest of the Syndicate would try to stay as far off the grid as possible. Well as soon as my gang and I return from our last job, Jean Bison recieved word from his PETA friends that a protest was brewing in Saudi Arabia, over the ecologically unsafe activities of one of the country's biggest oil suppliers.

Bentley looked into this mysterious supplier, and learned it was the same company that manufactured the Newfoudland oil rig used as the hideout for Anchorhead. From there we got acquianted with our next Klaww Syndicate target, sheikh Harun bin Al-Murzim. A ruthless billionaire that has ties to numerous anti-american terrorist groups, and vast control over the oil industry.

One of the desert's greatest warriors since his youth, he was next in line to become the shiekh of a large and powerful tribe. On his 18th birthday, his elders suggested that with the changing times, it would be best if he got a Western education. So he left for America to get a degree and better knowledge of the world around him and the new technological marvels.

But upon his return, Harun found his people, and his once beautiful land, tainted and devastated. The desert was being overrun by oil drillers with American interests, and his once prestigious tribe was nearly wiped out by bandits hired by the oil companites, to take control of the rich territory the tribe once held.

Enraged at what the black liquid has done to his homeland, Harun took the title of shiekh several decades early, and swore that all those that threaten to destroy the old ways will be wiped off the face of the earth. Leading his remaining warriors, they killed the drillers and their hired bandits, then set the oil fields ablaze. He then used his American education to invest in numerous oil companies. Eventually, using stolen loot from the black market, he became majority shareholder of all these firms, becoming a billionaire over night.

A twisted idea of vengeance, becoming that which you fought against. He doesn't see it that way, he uses his money to finance terrorist activities against the americans, and run the illegal Black Market in Saudi Arabia, auctioning off weapons, treasures, etc. Either way, this guy sounds like a mad man, just the kind of individual the Klaww Syndicate would recruit.

Carmelita goes on to say that Interpol's been watching him for decades, but hasn't been able to tie him to any of the terroirst groups he bankrolls. With his money, power, and now one of my ancestral canes at his disposal, Al-Murzim had to be stopped. His own hypocritical greed and corruption, whether he wants to admit it or not, will eventually be his undoing. But my gang and I can't wait that long, his empire goes up in flames, tonight!" - Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper and the Gang in...